ATOM Training have subject matter experts and professionals with extensive expertise in capability assessment and development across the Counter Threat spectrum.  In order to meet the broad range of complex global threats, our consultancy services address C-IED and EOD training needs and support the development comprehensive C-IED and EOD solutions, including policy and doctrine, training and education, capability development and logistics.. Consultancy is available at Strategic and Operational levels.


Our consultancy services span the full range of capability support in the EOD and C-IED arena including:

Strategic Level

  • Capability Assessment – supporting review of current training capability and effectiveness
  • Policy and Doctrine – supporting strategic infrastructure, process and procedures 
  • Command and Control – ensuring that communication and intelligence is effective and will is available to the right people at the right time
  • Equipment Suitability – ensuring that the equipment earmarked for procurement will achieve the desired strategic outputs.  

Operational Level

  • Training Needs Analysis – ensuring that courses are designed to deliver maximum effect and the desired outcome
  • Curriculum Development – ensuring course consistency and effectiveness  
  • Training Assessment – to assess current training capability, effectiveness and inform development
  • Exercise Planning and Delivery – full scale exercise support 
  • Equipment Scaling and Suitability – to ensure that the right tools are used for the right job. 

Our competencies are aligned with the current and future priorities for global security, counter-terrorism, international training, public safety, emergency response, infrastructure protection, and maritime security.

We are able to support capability development in homeland security, military and intelligence operations, and  large-scale civil protective strategies that enhance national and local government response services.

The depth of our expertise coupled with the experience gained during delivery of our solutions, enables ATOM to provide the best possible support to international organisations devoted to countering all kinds of threat.

Our customers include:

  • Allied nations and coalition partners
  • National military
  • National and local governments
  • Police and security agencies
  • First responders
  • Border agencies
  • Maritime and port security agencies
  • Commercial sector