Analysing Training Requirements

Training needs analysis (TNA) provides a structured, systematic process for identifying gaps between current and desired training capabilities and analysing training deficits that result from equipment procurement, doctrinal change, organisational change, or legislative change. We use TNA to develop solutions for emergent threats for which training does not exist, as well as to optimise and customise existing training. Because TNA is an output-based, iterative process, it produces an audit trail for decision making.

As part of a thorough TNA process, ATOM Training compares various training methods in order to recommend the optimum training solution for maximum cost-effectiveness and operational readiness. We customise our TNA approach to integrate with your organisation to develop training solutions tailored to your organisation’s operating environment, assets, and needs.

Our subject matter experts have decades of experience conducting TNAs in the public and private sectors. This experience is strengthened by the advanced academic degrees in instructional design, curriculum development, and teaching held by members of our professional staff.