Equipping Bomb Techs for Unique Challenges

ATOM Training provides the specialty tools and accessories essential to effective, comprehensive explosives training through our international team of distributors. This equipment is specifically designed to enable bomb technicians and EOD personnel to accomplish dangerous and difficult tasks, often in hostile environments. These tools and accessories, available only to qualified customers, complement our training aids and enhance the realism of our practical, hands-on C-IED training courses.

Alford Tools

ATOM facilitates our customers’ access to specialty tools and equipment made by Alford Technologies that address the unique challenges bomb technicians face in executing their jobs. Alford Technologies is the global market leader in designing and producing user-filled explosive charges for the military and police. Alford makes an unrivalled range of charges for low-order disruption or detonation of conventional munitions and charges for the disruption or ignition of improvised explosive and pyrotechnic devices, such as:

  • Vehicle bomb disruptors
  • Package/parcel bomb disruptors
  • Omni-directional disruptors
  • Vulcan System
  • Pluton System
  • Krakatoa (MEPS Mk 4) System
  • Vesuvius (6" Shaped Charge System)
  • Wall breaching
  • Door/window breaching
  • Linear cutting charges
  • Bar and cable cutting
  • Ancillary items
  • Other demolition charges


Our customers depend on ATOM for complete EOD training support, including provision of accessories to complement the functions of training devices. We offer custom-built, programmable dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) receiver/decoders, some that generate nine standard DTMF tones and others with a speaker that can be used with any device that can transmit an audible tone. Also available are a variety of realistically-packaged inert energetics, circuit boards, and authentic timers to provide safe separation from IEDs.