Designed to Accurately Replicate IEDs

Our products are designed to accurately replicate IEDs that are used domestically and globally. Inert but fully functional, our training aids provide the user various means to monitor device functioning, and can be used with pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic IED blast simulators. Devices are available fully assembled, partially assembled, as a post-blast kit suitable for forensics data collection/analysis, and as a training display.

Current and Realistic

Our development methods infuse our training aids with realism and currency. ATOM Training maintains a global cadre of IED training device fabricators, including in Task Force Troy (Iraq) and Task Force Paladin (Afghanistan). As soon as a new IED is identified, frontline trainers send relevant information directly to our production facility, and prototypes are built rapidly on receipt of information.

Our experience in IED training, device design, and manufacturing is unsurpassed. Each of our training devices must undergo a rigorous quality control/quality assurance analysis before leaving our facilities

Our product line is continuously evolving to keep pace with the dynamic nature of the IED threat. Every training aid is fully customisable.

The following types of IED training aids are available in our online catalogue to qualified customers to allow for the most realistic, practical, hands-on training possible:

  • Timed. Typically used against stationary targets
  • Victim Operated (VO). Typically used to attack targets of opportunity such as dismounted patrols, vehicles in a convoy, or first responders as a secondary device
  • Remote Control (RC) and Command. Typically used to attack a specific target; provides the bomber with complete control over device initiation
  • Theatre and Afghanistan Specific Devices. Includes low- and no-metal-content IEDs, directional fragmentation forming charges (DFFCs), and other commonly used pressure and pressure release devices