CMD Training | Bespoke EOD and explosive training

The presence of ammunition and explosive remnants of war (ERW) always pose risks to human and infrastructure security. In the aftermath of a conflict, conventional munitions disposal (CMD) and the removal of ERW becomes an essential part of the stabilisation and reconstruction phase of operations. Significant quantities of ordnance including unexploded (UXO) and ERW may require identification a disposal, while stockpiles and caches of ordnance need to be assessed for safety and storage before being processed for disposal.

ATOM Training offers bespoke EOD and explosive training to address the spectrum of CMD tactical, operational, and strategic requirements specific to diverse operating environments. Course includes instruction in disposal priorities, principles, regulations, in line with demolition planning and procedures, as well as practice in disposal and demolition techniques through hands-on exercises and scenario-based practical sessions.

Delivered by instructors with Tier One Specialist EOD, bomb disposal, and search experience, ATOM courses can be tailored for a range of user groups, including military, first response, humanitarian and nongovernment organisations (NGOs). Instruction and practical exercises address the organisational mission needs including the use of mission support equipment.