Explosives Training | Addressing the Educational Needs of Bomb Disposal Technicians and EODs

ATOM Training can deliver general explosive and EOD training because we are staffed with an unparalleled depth of explosives subject matter experts (SMEs), including former military, commercial, and research personnel. These professionals gained expertise in explosives from extensive experience in diverse and challenging environments.

Explosives training emphasises active learning by practical application of theory learned in the classroom to hands-on exercises and scenario-based practice events performed under live range conditions. Explosives training clients are usually military, civil service, or accredited security agency professionals. Explosives training includes the following subjects:

  • Basic entry-level explosives courses
  • Breaching/explosive method of entry (EMOE)/dynamic entry
    • Basic breaching techniques and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for dynamic assault
    • Loading, deployment, and use of specialty breaching tools
  • Specialised explosives techniques
    • Explosive theory and technology applications
    • Hazards, safety, and liability
    • Explosive demolition charges
    • Target analysis
    • Priming and initiation systems