Training Area and Explosives Range

A number of our courses can be conducted in the United Kingdom at our training establishment (see below). Alternatively we are able to deliver courses in your country, and this is particularly recommended for the more bespoke bomb technician IEDD courses where we recommend that clients’ own IEDD equipment be used.

Broadmead Training Area and Firing Range, United Kingdom

Broadmead was converted in late 2006 and has since become a world-class explosives range. The site is unique in the United Kingdom as a medium-sized range ideally suited to charge weights of up to 2–3kg – and larger shots are possible. Situated in the Mendips, United Kingdom, Broadmead Range is easily accessible from the M4 and M5 and is approximately 30 minutes from Bristol Airport. 

The main feature of the site is its 150m x 200m ‘pit’, which at 50m deep is able to contain the noise and, more importantly, fragments, giving an enhanced ‘effective’ safety distance. There are various firing points and safety bunkers around the site allowing for flexibility in working. Another beneficial aspect of the site is that it is secluded, offering a secure and private range where sensitive work can be conducted without security concerns. Surrounding the range are open field areas and woodland, providing ideal grounds to for the practical elements of our courses.

Other facilities on site include classrooms, an office, a canteen and shower facilities. There are separate charge-preparation and secure storage areas. The site also has ‘breaching jigs’ into which we can build walls and fix doors for use in our Explosive Method of Entry (EMoE) training.

Broadmead has two UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) qualified range safety officers and has range standing orders based on MoD PAM 4. Military users are able to use standard firing systems, such as the Shrike and ‘Black and Tan’ cables, which ensures they are comfortable with equipment and procedure