Training to Recognise Threats and Thwart Attacks

ATOM Training, a trusted training partner to international military, police, security, and first responders, stands ready to provide counter-terrorism training and support to a range of commercial sector clients. ATOM has the experienced curriculum designers and explosives experts necessary to analyse any organisation’s counter-terrorism needs for a broad threat spectrum and develop and deliver timely, effective training with measurable outcomes.

ATOM’s commercial clients include all types of critical infrastructure components. Critical infrastructure poses an easy target for terrorism. Global terrorism groups and criminals are keenly aware that attacks on utilities can have a devastating impact. Assaulting water and power facilities has an overwhelming physical and psychological impact and can stop the flow of commerce. Oil and gas pipelines are inherently vulnerable because of their number and dispersion. Attacks on nuclear power plants will certainly have far-reaching effects.

ATOM provides training for private security companies and other entities outside the operational realm of conventional policing. Large public gatherings, such as sporting, entertainment, and political events, offer attractive targets to terrorists and extremists who wish to incite fear and panic and cause injury and death.

Our commercial clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilities: gas, oil, water, electrical, nuclear
  • Public and government organisations
  • Private security companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality entities
  • Tourist attractions
  • Educational institutions
  • Large-scale special events