Supporting Those Who Protect and Serve

The primary mission of police, security, firefighters, and other first responders is to ensure public safety and protect property and infrastructure. ATOM Training works with the full range of international law enforcement and security agencies, bomb disposal and first response services to develop and deliver counter-terrorism training and technology specifically tailored to these agencies’ mission and operational requirements.

Staffed with a range of experts drawn from across disciplines, ATOM Training provides adaptable training solutions that address existing requirements and anticipate future exigencies and constraints. Police, security, and first responder agencies work cooperatively and collaborate more effectively and efficiently after taking ATOM courses in interagency interoperability that include hands-on practical exercises in which teams interact using real-world scenarios under realistic conditions. Our first responder-specific training includes:

  • Police counter-terrorism awareness
  • Firefighter counter-terrorism awareness
  • Human intelligence
  • Bomb disposal /HAZMAT interoperability
  • Bomb disposal/Armed Response Unit interoperability

Specialised Technology Solutions

ATOM Training also provides software solutions that streamline and expedite law enforcement and EODs’ operational duties, whether crime scene or accident diagramming and reporting, post-blast investigation, storyboarding, or documentation. Developed specifically for field officers, these programs — Scene PD, Easy Street Draw, and ATTAC — enable fast and easy data entry, digital evidence management, satellite imagery, diagramming, and thorough reporting.