Meeting the Challenges of Underwater Hazards

To keep pace with constantly changing threats to maritime critical infrastructure, the shipping industry, cargo vessels and their crews, you need a partner who understands the underwater hazardous device (UHD) terrorist threat. ATOM Training has proven experience helping civilian and naval organisations plan for and identify threats, and operate in difficult environments and during a crisis. By integrating our subject matter expertise in port and maritime operations with technology, training, and operational experience, our consulting, assessment, and training experts stand ready to help your organisation meet complex security challenges through.

Courses deliver technical and tactical training to divers, port security personnel, law enforcement and specialist teams, and marine boat operators to prevent, respond to, and/or mitigate terrorist or criminal attacks. Because terrorists and criminals will not hesitate to board, pilfer, or destroy targets of opportunity, we offer training in:

  • Maritime interdiction
  • Team skills necessary for maritime interdiction
  • Underwater hazardous device search
  • Remotely operated vehicles for underwater search
  • Post-blast collection and investigation
  • Boarding noncompliant ships in response to hijack