Ensuring the Armed Forces Are Protected

ATOM Training works with all branches of allied nations’ military and defence organisations to ensure that frontline forces are protected, trained, and equipped to detect and defend against rapidly evolving terrorist threats and other forms of irregular warfare. We offer training that addresses the full spectrum of military operations with solutions that identify threats, reduce risk, and prepare the forces to respond proactively and support mission requirements. Areas of specialised military training include C-IED, counter-insurgency, CMD, urban operations, and Attack the Network (AtN). ATOM Training supports continuation and refresher EOD and C-IED training, advice on concepts and doctrines, and capability building through equipment, infrastructure, and logistics.

Our solutions directly impact soldiers in the field. We know the dangers inherent in an agile and adaptive enemy because we have been there. The recent in-theatre operational experience of our experts provides realism and relevancy to our consultancy, products, and training.