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ATOM Training is a Joint Venture between AT Solutions in the USA  Alford Technologies based in UK. The two companies bring a welth of experience and capability to ATOM providing an already established place in the market and business area. 

ATOM has the unique abaility to draw on both its Joint Venture partners for expertise, support and  help with business growth. Partnering with key suppliers and niche business's is part of ATOM's remit and is key to its  aim of a comprenhensive offering from a trusted supplier. Read More about the Joint Venture companies


Business Partners

PRG International 


As a first-class international operational, consulting and training organisation, PRG Intl plays a significant role in the increased national security initiatives of the Middle East and North African (MENA) regions; we are ideally placed to deliver to national and international clients customised and innovative training, consultancy and operational programs in various specialist areas such as crisis management, counter terrorism, command and control operations, and contemporary international policing and security practices to name a few.


PRG Intl’s overarching purpose is therefore toIncrease policing and security standards within the MENA community; Increase our client capacity to become self-sufficient and sustainable across the whole remit of their operational capabilities; Ensure a cooperative and collaborative global network of police and security-skilled personnel to combat trans-continental and governmental change management issues. Within the context of security, emergency management and law enforcement, PRG Intl is actively engaged in:


  • Delivering Customised Training In accordance With “World’s Best” practice
  • Developing the skills of its clients
  • Making and writing policy
  • Building operational and strategic partnerships
  • Developing real time response plans
  • Identifying risks, and
  • Making the community safer and businesses more secure.

Kirintec Ltd

Specialist  EOD and C-IED Equipment

Kirintec is a private company formed to identify and address issues faced by police, military, and special forces in combating terrorism and criminal threats in their homelands and overseas.  Kirintec have all, in the past, either helped build some of the bigger companies in this industry or spent time at the sharp end dealing with operational issues while serving. Kirintec now  have moved on to a stage where they combine user and engineering experience in a way that allows them to address issues in an innovative way.

SAAB Technologies UK 

Saab’s training and simulation offering comprises solutions within the live, virtual and constructive domain. All combined with in-depth knowledge in planning, integration and executing mission-specific training solutions.

Saab’s products, from simulators and range equipment to the GAMER instrumented training system, are in service with organisations around the globe, including every major NATO country and many of their allies.


Pencari believe that training must reflect the dynamics of the operating environment and is able to draw on significant experience and knowledge in order to deliver.

This is combined with the operational experience of its team of instructors which allows Pencari to provide highly adaptablebespoke training for specialist military, police, intelligence and security services in the following competencies:

Combat Tracking (Attack the Network)

Ground Sign Awareness (Force Protection, C-IED)

Maritime-Littoral Awareness Training

Dynamic Critical Incident – Survival Training

Small Arms Marksmanship and Sniper Training

Special to Task Environmental Training (Jungle, Arctic, Desert, Urban and Temperate)

Electronic Warefare Solutions Ltd 

Electronic Warfare Solutions (EWS) has an organisational pedigree in the Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) domains. EWS have decades of operational experience at operator through to command level, allowing them to provide focused domain knowledge in our fields of expertise.

EWS has a unique position, a fully independent organisation providing specialist assistance to industry and the user community alike. Their operational knowledge base is second to none allowing us to provide a clear understanding of complex subjects as well as an insight into operational demands. EWS's ability to “speak the language” smoothes procurement programs, provides accurate and practical test and evaluation procedures and promotes a strong partnership between user and vendor.

Malpeet K9 Academy

Malpeet K9 Academy specialises in the use of operational dog teams, the sale of dogs in various disciplines and handler training both for UK and overseas customers. Malpeet are members of, and approved trainers for the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU). All detection dogs are trained utilising 'real' drugs and 'live' explosives, Malpeet K9 Academy being one of only a few companies within the UK licensed to possess controlled substances for the use of training detection dogs. 

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